Returning and Safe ordering

Returning and Safe ordering

Ecosense OÜ, registration code 12549369, address Soo 54, 10414 Tallinn (hereinafter referred to as the Service provider) and the Customer, who makes an order on the online store and identifies him/herself by entering personal data  (hereinafter referred to as the Customer), have signed this Online store contract (hereinafter referred to as the Terms&Conditions).

1. Online Store

Online store (hereinafter referred to as the Online Store) is an online store created by the Service Provider, which intermediates the goods sold to the Customer.

2. General terms

The parties of this contract follow law of obligation, other laws of the Republic of Estonia and other legal acts, and the Online stores Terms&Conditions with regards to their mutual relations.

Service provider has the right to make changes to services provided by the Online store at any time.

Service provider has the right to change the Terms&Conditions unilaterally, without having the obligation to notify the Customer.

3. Products

The availability of all the displayed Products is not guaranteed. If the product is not available and the order can not be fulfilled then the Online Store will contact the Customer and offer a new possible time of delivery or a refund of the purchase price to the Customer no later than within 14 days after placing the order.

The photos displayed of the Products are illustrative but usually they do not differ from the  actual appearance of the Product. As they are Natural cleaning products then the color may vary. 

4. Prices

All prices displayed in the Online Store are given in euros and include 20% VAT.

Delivery cost is added to the product according to the delivery method choosed by the Customer.

If the Service Provider has changed the prices on the Online store after the Customer has placed and paid an order, then the Customer will get the products delivered with prices valid at the moment of placing the order. The Customer has not the right to demand the compensation of the prices.

5. Making a purchase

The Customer selects a desired Product from the Online Store and adds it to the shopping cart by clicking on the button “Add to cart”. After that the Customer can continue shopping, change the shopping cart or start ordering. 

To place the order, the Customer must click on the button “Order”, after which the Customer is forwarded to the checkout page. On the checkout page the Customer fills in the contact information, selects the shipping method and clicks "place order".Correct data is needed for smooth and accurate delivery of the products. Ecosense OÜ will not take any responsibility for the incomplete shipments or other issues due to the incorrect data provided by the customer. "Place Order" button confirms the order data and directs the Customer to the next page, where the payment method can be chosen. The Customer has the oppertunity to make the payment via next banks: Swedbank, SEB pank, LHV bank, Nordea bank, Danske bank and Krediidipank. After clicking "place Order" the Customer will be directed to the bank or payment center. Before making the payment the Customer has to make a tick in the box "I have read and agree to the terms".

If the Customer wants to pay directly through the bank link then the bank will provide the instructions how to make the payment.

If the payment is successful the bank will display the message "Return to the merchant". Having clicked on this link, information of successful payment reaches the Online store. The Service provider will notify the Customer by e-mail of a successful submission of an order. 

 Payment of an advance payment invoice basis.  If the Customer has confirmed the order the advance payment invoice will be sent to the Customers e-mail address. In the advance payment invoice the Customer will see the ordered products, shipping information, Ecosense OÜ data and bank accounts where to make the payment. If the Customer has not made the payment in 3 working days after receiving the advance payment invoice, then will cancel the order. Order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer.

6. Delivery

The Customer can choose whether to come and pick up the products or get it delivered by Itella Smartpost. The products ordered by the Customer will be delivered to the automated Itella Smartpost parcel terminal. The manager of the automated parcel terminal notifies you with a message if the goods have reached the desired automated parcel terminal. Generally, this is done within 2-5 working days from payment for the order. For retrieval of the parcel, the Customer has to follow the instructions given on the screen. 

7. Withdrawal from the contract

If the Customer would like to withdraw from the contract before the order placed by the Customer is fulfilled by Service provider, then the Customer is obliged to notify the Service provider immediately in written form. Written message must be sent to e-mail address In the e-mail forename, surname, Service user’s contact date and contact phone have to be displayed. Service provider will return the money paid by the Customer within 14 days after receiving the notification of withdrawal from the contract. The money is returned to the same account, which was used for paying for the product.

8. The right to return products

The Customer has the right to return their ordered Product within 14 days after receiving the Product. Returned Product has to be unused.

For returning their ordered Product the Customer has to send an application to e-mail address

The products, which are to be returned, have to be with a copy of the purchase invoice. 

Service provider will return the money paid by the Customer within 14 days after receiving the notification of withdrawal from the contract. The money is returned to the same account, which was used for paying for the product.

The Customer shall bear the returning cost up to 10 euro according to VÕS § 194 lg 4.

If the product has been damaged or is not according to the Online Stores Terms&Conditions, then the Service provider will not return the money to the Customer and the returned Product will remain deposited by the Service provider. 

9. Responsibilities and force majeure

The Service provider and Customer shall be liable to each other for the damage caused by violating these terms of use in the cases and to the extent provided by the legislation valid in the Republic of Estonia.

The Service provider is not responsible: for the goods damaged by the Customer; when the goods have not been used correctly and have been damaged because of the faulty usage; wearing of goods during normal use.

The Service provider takes no responsibility for damages arising from the abnormal use of the products or for delays if they are due to circumstances the Service Provider could not affect and/or are conditioned by force majeure.

The Service provider is responsible for the delivery of the product until handing it over to the Customer or Delivery transportation.

10. Terms of use

Upon signing up or making a purchase, the Customer accepts the Terms&Conditions of the Service provider and is obligated to follow them.

 11. Claims procedure 

If the purchased item is damaged/faulty then the Customer has the right to raise a claim in 2 year period. The Customer has to present an purchase invoice to raise a claim. 

The expertise is done by the Service provider or by the manufacturer of the product. The claim will not be satisfied when the Service provider proves that the damages on the product are caused by the Customer.

 12. Other Conditions

Personal data given to the Service provider will be used for providing sales service and offering products to the Customer.

This information will be handled as confidential and is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. Service provider is obliged not to give out personal data to third parties.

Any disputes between the Customer and the Service provider shall be solved by negotiations. If an agreement is not reached, the Customer has the right to turn to the Harju County Court, Consumer Protection Board and/or Consumer Claims Commission to defend their rights.