Preservatives Policy

Earth Friendly Products policy on preservatives

Earth Friendly Products has a team of chemists that thoroughly scrutinise both the health and environmental impact of every ingredient they use. As part of this, over several decades, they have analysed preservatives available and those that fit with their stringent
environmental and health criteria. Preservatives in Earth Friendly Products green cleaning products are used where necessary in minimal quantities to kill and prevent bacterial growth. Without preservatives a product will spoil and can allow for growth of bacteria, moulds and yeast which can do more harm to people than the preservative. 

Formaldehyde-based preservatives are common in conventional cleaning products, but all Earth Friendly Products are FREE from formaldehyde-based preservatives. Not all of the Earth Friendly Products range require the addition of a preservative, but where absolutely necessary Earth Friendly Products use either: (1) Potassium Sorbate, a plant-based, food grade preservative that is one of the safest and most commonly used preservatives today. (2) Phenoxyethanol, used in some of the products in minute quantities to stabilise them and prevent bacterial growth-typically less than 2ml is used in a 500ml bottle. Earth Friendly Products only use a naturally derived version of Phenoxyethanol that completely biodegrades as the optimum choice that fits with their founding ethos. (3) Methylisothiazolinone is used in minute quantities below 100 parts per million which adheres to EU Cosmetics regulation. This is then diluted exponentially as products are diluted further with water as they are used. We must have a preservative system that works so the consumer is not exposed to potentially harmful bacteria.  As of right now our chemists thorough research suggests that the best and safest system has been using the MIT at very low levels. We have has Independent testing carried out on  several of our laundry detergents showing our products are hypoallergenic.

This blend has been arrived at over many years of research to provide the optimum level of product life and efficacy while maintaining Earth Friendly Products founding ethos and principles