Dear Customer,

We are particularly excited to present this edition of Catalogue 2014-2015 and to con rm once again, a er 25 years, that our mission is to select the best extracts, 100% pure essential oils and top-quality active ingredients, in order to make products that fully satis everyday wellbeing needs of our Customers and of our families.
We remain increasingly rm believers in the traditional eld of herbal medicine, in which we operate with exactitude, precision and modern scienti c methods.
All of our products are renowned for their safety and e ectiveness. Ethics, dedication, passion and conscientiousness are at the
heart of the work done on a daily basis by
the FLORA group.

Ours is an Italian story, we are proud of it because it is the best of ourselves, every day, for your wellbeing.

Thank you for your trust.



Mario Rosario Rizzi   Sonia De Angelis