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A little goes a long way with Eco-max concentrated natural Baby Laundry Liquid, delivering 50 loads per 1.5L bottle. This non-GMO, scent-free, hypoallergenic product is specially formulated without the use of known allergens to provide a safer product for baby clothes, linen, towels and cloth nappies. This non-toxic formula uses potent cleaning properties of ingredients that are derived from biodegradable, renewable and sustainable botanical resources.  Free from phosphates, harsh preservatives or optical brighteners its a non-toxic clean for the littlest ones in your family.

How to use: For whites and colourfast colours. Follow garment label instructions. For heavily soiled areas or stains, pour directly onto fabric, rub gently, pre-soak then machine wash. Dosing is based on a 4 to 5 KG washing machine load. Rinse empty container with water and recycle.For soft, medium or hard water softness:
- Light soil: 30 ML (1 OZ)
- Medium soil: 30 ML (1 OZ)

Ingredients: Water, 15-30% Non-ionic Surfactants, <5% Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid and Cellulose Gum.


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