Oxo Brite Laundry Stain Remover TUBS FRAGRANCE FREE 907g

Price: 9,90 €

OxoBrite harnesses the incredible power of oxygen to whiten, brighten,remove stains and deodorise laundry and fabrics. It can boosts the power of Ecos Laundry Liquid by adding to your wash or can be used to soak washing. A versatile product that is also brilliant at whitening sinks, cups and tea pots that have tea stains. 

Each pack includes a scoop inside.

Ingredients: >30% Sodium Carbonate  (mineral water-softener), >30% Sodium Peroxide (mineral stain remover).

DIRECTIONS: Completely dissolve Oxobrite in warm to hot water. Test for colour fastness by applying solution to a hidden area and allow to dry. Start with a mild solution of Oxobrite. For stubborn stains,re-treat with a stronger solution for a longer period of time. Some greasy or oily stains may also require the use of a mild detergent . Oxobrite is safe formost washable items & surfaces. Do not use on wool, wool blend, leather or silk

Do not mix with chlorine bleach or acid products. Do not store mixed solution in a closed container- continued oxygen production may cause container to leak. Regular laundry boost- add 30g dissolved in a cup of warm water to wash load in drum of machine. Use regular laundry detergent as usual. 

  • Laundry soaking and brightening- add 30-60g to a sink of warm to hot water (4L). Allow product to dissolve and soak washing for up to 6 hours. 
  • Spot Stain Removal from laundry, carpets and upholstery- add a teaspoon of Oxobrite to 500ml of warm to hot water. Remove excess debris or spill liquid from stain.
    Apply Oxobrite solution to stain and allow to work for 5-30 mins. Scrub with sponge, brush or cloth. Blot, rinse and allow to dry. For carpets, vacuum when dry.   
  • For tile & grout cleaning. Mix solution until damp and gritty. Use gloves and apply to surface, let stand for at least 1 hour, scrub and rinse completely.
  • For wooden decking, outdoor furniture, shower curtains & awnings. Add 30-60g to a 5L bucket of warm water. Apply solution to area, scrub if needed, and rinse completely
  • Oxobrite can also be used as a boost to Earth Friendly Products Wave Dishwasher Gel. Sprinkle 30g in machine before wash cycle. 




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