Orange Mate Concentrate Degreaser ORANGE OIL 3,78L

Price: 54,99 €

Free rinsing and phosphate-free, Earth Friendly's Orange Mate uses natures' own cleaner, orange oil, to help penetrate and emulsify grease and grime. It has a delicate natural orange fragrance. Orange Mate Concentrate is for heavier grease removal e.g. oven hobs, baking trays or can be diluted for larger areas like cleaning tiled floors. We have a lot of loyal customers for Orange Mate for whom it has become an essential part of their cleaning cupboard.

Helpful hints: For degreasing hobs, baking trays simply use as is. For general multi surface cleaning or to REFILL the Orange Mate Ready To use Spray, dilute with water 1:10. For cleaning large areas like sealed tiled floors dilute in a bucket 1:40.

Ingredients:Water, Plant-Based Surfactant (5-15% non-ionic), Alcohol Denat.(corn-derived), Sweet Orange Oil (contains EU allergen: limonene), Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate(plant-based, food grade preservative).

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