Earth Enzymes Drain Cleaner 908 g

Price: 12,90 €

You do not have to use harsh chemicals to open and maintain clogged drains. Earth Friendly's Earth Enzymes provides a gentler alternative. It breaks down organic substances using enzymes, similar to how your stomach digests food. It is effective against food clogs and the build up when soap and grease combine with hair. The enzymes break down the matter binding the hair, allowing it to wash away. Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens and food disposals.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:To Open Clogged Drains: To activate product dissolve 250g of Earth Enzymes powder  with 2 Litres of warm water. Make sure product is dissolved. Pour down clogged drain. Leave for 24 hours if possible and a minimum of 8 hours ( overnight). Then flush drain with water to clear . Rinse container thoroughly before reusing.

Weekly Maintenance: 2 tsp EarthEnzymes powder diluted with small amount warm water. Follow with 500ml water.Leave for at least 8 hours.

Ingredients: Sodium Sequicarbonate (mineral pH adjuster), Enzymes Blend (stain remover).

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